Barbershop Talk: Reggie Sumner

I've been cutting hair for 27 years in the shop but in total it's been 30 years.

As a young boy I've always known being a barber was always in me.. Reason being, my Grandfather opened up a barbershop called Hollywood Tonsorial In 1959 and from there it was off and running.. Since then, my Dad had taken over and now I am presently the 3rd generation owner of the now unisex shop Hollywood II Unisex Salon LLC..

Of course I have encountered some obstacles but with keeping God first, he has always seen me through all of them!

Knowing that the most important part of this all was to stay focused and with doing that, I learned how to create the ultimate balance of home and work.. Business is BUSINESS and Personal is PERSONAL!

My advice to those that may want to start there own business, would be to follow your thoughts exactly how you see them and let NOTHING stop you nor get In the way of you executing your plan! Make It Happen by ANY MEANS! Reggie L. Sumner Owner/Cosmetologist Hollywood II Unisex Salon LLC 1305 W. Baltimore Ave. Linden, New Jersey 07036

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