Coming To The Staaaaggee: D WiseGuy

Brooklyn, NY has brought us some very talented comedians, Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Chris Rock and Mel Brooks just to name a few, we sat down with some new comic relief and he goes by the name of D Wiseguy.

Hi, my name is D Wiseguy, l am a 37-year-old comedian from Brooklyn, New York. I have been married for 8 years and I have 2 older sisters.

I started in stand up in August 2019 at an open mic at Gotham comedy club in New York City.

I wanted to be a podiatrist before I got into comedy. I did not like science so I dropped the podiatry dream before I

got into comedy. I was a shy person in school until the age of 13 when I was in Spanish class with people I grew up with. I was familiar with them so I began to crack jokes. From that moment I would say I found my niche.

I come up with my material from everyday life experiences and stuff that has happened to me in my past that I consider funny. I can just be taking a walk to the store and something I see can be used in my comedy. I have a big family so everyone can relate to funny-looking family members. One of my inspirations in comedy is Richard Pryor because he was so relatable to people of all races. I have made sure that my comedy is similar to his. I would love to work with Chris Rock because he can do stand up on stage and voiceovers in animated movies as well. I like how Chris Rock is so talented in different versions of comedy. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @comedian_catch. Website is

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