How Keen Are You About Water?

Keen Water is a small black owned company doing big things. Keen Water was named the premiere water bottle partner for the NFL Alumni Association and in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Keen Water has teamed up with AutoNation. Co-Founders of Keen Water Melvin Bratton and Faheem Ali has taking the time out of their busy schedules to chat it up with Major Coffee to tell us about themselves and the campaign.

Tell us about yourself, how did the two of you meet? Faheem: Me and Melvin have been friends for most of our lives. We grew up together as out families were friends with each other. Back in the day before my father passed away, Melvin’s mom and my dad use to bowl together. Melvin played football at The University of Miami, where my sister was attending at the same time.  And then I entered in the college football playing arena. That is when our brotherhood became stronger as we decided to go into business together.

What motivated you to start a bottled water company? Faheem: Being that Melvin and I are both former athletes, health and wellness have always been our number one priority.  We created Keen Water with the mindset of using innovative methods to deliver maximum health benefits.

Describe to me the most exciting minute of your entrepreneurial journal? Faheem: As we are still a fairly new company, we have been blessed to be able to share the same space as so some amazing individuals and companies.  Last year, the NFL Alumni Association named Keen Water as its premier water bottle partner. To us that was huge. We were still riding on that high when we secured our partnership with AutoNation and their national Drive Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? Faheem: The best part about what we do is watching people drink our water for the first time. People are always so shocked at how good our water tastes. Not only is our water extremely refreshing, but it is very good for you.

Tell me about your “Drive Pink” campaign with AutoNation. Faheem: During the month of October, we will be supplying all 36 South Florida AutoNation locations with our premium alkaline in our special Drive Pink custom designed bottles for their staff and customers to enjoy. Final Words… Today, Keen Water can be found in over 100 restaurants, bars, gas stations, and hotels in the Atlanta and Miami markets including Hilton hotels, Milk and Honey Cascade, Cam Newton’s Fellaship Cigar Lounge, Top Notch Cigar Bar, Fin and Feathers ATL, Cigaros of Georgia, and Lorna’s Caribbean Restaurant.

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