Herbs are nature's way of providing us with everything we need from physical healing to even spiritual healing. "The earth is rich with everything we need to live, survive and thrive", a piece of advice that I personally gave on a Wellness Talk Show.

Many of us can remember our grandparents or even great-grandparents who were quick to give a spoonful of cod liver oil, castor oil or sassafras tea during the cold season.

Now, society is embracing the "herb" life more and more - especially since Covid-19.

In this section, I will be bringing you herbs that can be found in your kitchen, yard, or conveniently online that can help you with common ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, and impotency.



In celebration of this being the first issue of "Major Coffee", I would like to talk about the healing properties of coffee. Coffee is something that can be found anywhere in the world. Originating in Africa, Ethiopia to be exact, coffee is very powerful and was often used for medicinal purposes as well as in spiritual practices. Coffee was also a unifying drink amongst tribes and families. Now today, yep, we have abused this amazingly powerful healing delicacy. For men, coffee can be used (when not abused) to help with erectile dysfunction, fatigue, headaches, sinus problems, chest congestion, upset stomach.

According to, caffeine could reduce your likelihood of having Erectile Dysfunction (ED), suggests a new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. But just like with anything, if you abuse it, you take from the possibility of it actually healing and helping you - when and if you need it.

Too much coffee can cause palpitations of the heart, insomnia, and even heartburn. Experts say that generally no more than 8oz of coffee a day, however, I always suggest to NOT drink it everyday - especially if you want it to work for you in a good way. Everything should be balanced when it comes to your body. I believe coffee should be enjoyed and respected.

About the Writer

Sabrina Espere Carrington is a Life Coach, Empowerment Coach and Advice Columnist. She has experience in Nutrition, Ethnobotany and Spiritual Herbs. She takes pride in providing insight about the power of herbs and their healing properties. For more information or for a consultation, visit

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