"It's Complicated" The Podcast Coming Soon

Updated: May 28, 2021

Everyone and I mean everyone has a podcast these days. However, to this "new on the scene" Life Coach/Podcast Host, it is a challenge they are willing to accept. Introducing New Jersey's own, Jose Ferrer. This bold, brave, Puerto Rican is about to launch a campaign featuring himself as a "real man" public figure that is willing to put himself out there to tackle the questions that many men shy away from. "It's complicated" is the name of the Podcast, which is also a relationship status commonly used on Social Media.

As a relatable Life Coach, Ferrer, along with his spicy "female" co-host, will be debunking the issues in relationships between men and women that place them in the "It's complicated" category. They will be discussing everything from dating after divorce, monogamy vs polygamy, financial imbalance in relationships, to S&M, the non-domesticated house-girlfriend, and social media "influence".

Jose is a son, a father, friend, and an all-around good guy - who has ruffled a few feathers in his lifetime; had some bumpy relationships, and experienced some hard life lessons...All leading up to this moment. "I figured, why not? We are in a pandemic where people have lost jobs, homes, family members, and loved ones. You only live once so why not live and do exactly what you always wanted to do? What is the worst thing that could happen? Nothing more than what you were already doing...Nothing!", says Ferrer.

This new podcast host is also venturing into establishing a modeling/acting career with the hopes of landing opportunities nationwide and even abroad. "Men don't really talk about being shy. Well, I was and now at this age, I can say that I lived a good life. No, I am not perfect, but I got up from falling on my ass a few times!"

Many plans are in the works for this New Jersey resident who is setting himself up to be a "Go to Guy" for all things leading to elevation in life. Follow Jose Ferrer on Facebook at Jose Luis Ferrer Rodriguez and on Instagram@joseferrer875.

Launch Date for Podcast, Website and More - July 6, 2021.

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