Keeping It In The Family - Brothers Kindafye and Dekori

Tell us about yourself (city, what are your hobbies)

Kindafye: I am a 17-year-old Entertainer & Entrepreneur. I own a clothing line FYE Apparel, Co-Founded the Defiant Ones Teen Magazine, and Host the Defiant Ones teen Podcast. I enjoy drumming, singing, videogames, and I am a kid at heart who loves to watch/listen to all things Disney.

Dekori: I'm 19 years old. Co-Founder of Defiant Ones Teen Magazine along with my brother. I'm a freshman at Savannah State University, obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering.

The fact that you are siblings, do you run into any creative quarrels? If so, how do you overcome it?

Dekori: Yes, like all families, we have our differences of opinions and don't always agree on everything. But that's also what makes working together great; we challenge each other. I know his strength and weaknesses, and likewise and we both playoff our strengths. We may think differently but respect each other to listen to each other's point of view.

Why an interest in a teen magazine?

Kindafye: A teen magazine is something that you only see big corporations and adult's doing for sales. We started a Teen Magazine because we wanted to inspire other teens and young adults to follow their dreams by highlighting people our age, different genders, lifestyles, goals, and dreams, people just like me and you- starting on different levels in their journey in life. We wanted to share their stories- but give it from a teen perspective. Our goal was to be different, or as we like to say, BE DEFIANT!

How did you know you had the right idea?

Kindaye: Honestly, we had our doubts just like everyone does when they start tackling a goal of theirs. We were worried that nobody would support it or take us seriously. We knew we were on the right track when big names from Dinsey, Nickelodeon, Netflix, etc., started to reach out To Us asking to be featured. These are people that we look up to, who are looking up to us. It was and still is such an exciting moment every time!

Who inspired you?

Kindafye: My mom inspired me "Butta-Brocka, she has truly shown us what it means to be your own boss. Having Raised two kids as a single mother, Traveling the world as an Independent Artist, Graduating college top of her class, written a book, and starting her own Public Relations firm, there are truly no limits to what's possible in life, and she has definitely instilled that in us.,"

Dekori: Definitely my mom. My mom supports me in every way, encouraging me to explore my thoughts and dreams and not be afraid to go after them. She's taught there is no such thing as failure as failure is merely a lesson learned. She's an international recording artist who had setbacks, a car accident, knee surgery, divorcee, but every time she rose to the occasion. She is now an Amazon Best Seller, a Playwrite, Host of her own Podcast, and so much more- and she graduated top of her class all while touring overseas and raising us.

How or did you have any adversity or doubt?

Kindafye: Those things came from the fact that we are two young black men trying to make a difference. We are still young, so of course, we don't have the money or wisdom yet to do everything we want to as proficiently as a real company could. It is hard for today's youth to be taken seriously in their efforts, let alone gathering support as a discriminated race. But it is these little thoughts that we had to overcome to get where we are now in order to make a significant impact. I.e., Defying the Odds

Dekori: Doubt creeps in the mind of everyone- and when it does, do it anyway!

Describe to me the most exciting minute of your entrepreneurial journey.

Kindafye: The most exciting moments for me would be when I interviewed Young Media Influencer Dai Time on my podcast and when I was able to get The D'Ambrosio Twins on our cover, having just seeing them on Disney TV shows and knowing that it was a dream of mine to work with or be associated with Disney.

Dekori: For me it would be, having our first magazine published, seeing all our hard efforts turn into a reality was a dream come true.

How is running a successful business different than what you thought it would be?

Kindafye: Like a lot of things, it truly is lots of hard work. There's a quote that says, "people only see 10% of who you are, the other 90% are what makes you that way". The same concept goes for your work. And in this industry, you are not only selling a product or service, but you're selling yourself as well with everything you do. You've got to have a positive and professional mindset at all times.

Dekori: It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. No one is going to pour into your business or see your vision if you don't.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Kindafye: Don't be afraid to make mistakes; as the wise men say, "A mistake is just an opportunity to make something better." Learn from your mistakes, don't be afraid to take chances, and bet on yourself. But most importantly, be proud of who you are and what you're doing because pride is something that nobody should ever be able to take away from you when you know that what your doing is good!

Dekori: Don't be afraid to go after your dreams. It all starts with a thought, and you don't have to have all the answers. If something doesn't work, learn from it and figure out your next move.

Kindafye: I go by Kindafye because the word FYE to me represents the greatest version of yourself, and since I am only 17 years old, I only know so much and still have so many more experiences and time to grow/ develop myself. Since I am still growing, I am only Kind-of there, aka (Kinda-FYE). Follow me on Instagram @Kindafye

Dekori: Yes, we are always looking for incredible people to highlight. Also, we are looking for sponsors and advertisers. Our goal is to get the magazine with a major distribution company and have it in the airports, juvenile detention centers, and major stores. So if you know anyone who can help, pls contact us at

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