MEN'S HEALTH MONTH Feature: It's okay to Breathe! Breathable Briefs for Better Health

Okay, guys. In the summer, we know you definitely want to "breathe" down there. We get it. But...did you know that what you were doing by changing from your "tighty whiteys" to boxer briefs was actually addressing a bigger health concern?

Urologists around the world have suggested to millions of men to be careful with their choice of underwear. Things get a little "hot" during the summer months but think about this from a different perspective. The avoidance of skin irritations and prostate issues is a huge deal.

From see-through boxers (that can spice up a relationship as well), boxers specifically promote prostate health; there are many options that you can choose from. Underwear For Men | Surgical Underwear, Boxer Briefs and Briefs ( have corned the market by promoting good prostate and testicular health.

So, guys, take care of yourself this summer and beyond this season. Your health is essential. You are important.

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