Men's Health Month Feature: Magnesium Support for Men of Color

Magnesium is something that is a hidden gem in the world of vitamins. More physicians are finding that many immune deficiencies, muscular and skeletal issues, and problems with blood pressure are due to a lack of magnesium.

From old sports injuries to normal aches and pains from getting older, we all could use better skeletal and muscular support. Many men who have fitness goals only take supplements for weight gain, loss or management or for cardio health. They forget that for optimum health, a person must look at the total body. Magnesium in foods can lend itself to being a man's best friend for muscle and bone health.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, good immune health is crucial. Magnesium aids with immune function incredibly. It also regulates blood pressure, which is a problem within our black and brown communities. Finally, it also helps with metabolizing energy and synthesizing protein to get you up and moving! Energy is something that we need more of after a year or more of being shut in and becoming accustomed to working remotely.

Here are a few foods that are high in Magnesium:

* Spinach

* Bananas

* Eggs

* Green Leafy Vegetables

* Avocado

* Papaya

* Mango

* Peaches

* Nuts and Seeds

* Raw Cacao Powder

* Wheat Bran


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