Men's Health Month Feature: Man in Balance

Balance in life is very important. Society will pay more attention to the imbalance in women than men, promoting prescription drugs, vitamin supplements, treatments and even daily regimens. Men are subject to hormonal imbalance as well and many don't even understand how real it is.

Research shows that testosterone levels in men drop due to many factors in life; from age, activity levels, stressors and the environment. Many men question why their sex drive is lower than usual. Some question why they are experiencing erectile dysfunction, even before the age of 40. Even having a low sperm count is affecting many men today. All are symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal Imbalance in men also bring on unexplained fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, and weight gain, which can lead to major health issues if not addressed. Many men will attribute hair loss to "their mother's side of the family" or age. Those experiencing depression will not admit to ill feelings and suppress them for fear that people around them will suggest therapy or medication. Most who lack motivation will seek a new job or relocate, only to find that the feeling never dissipates.

Truth is, you know your body! You may not call it hormonal imbalance but you definitely feel that something is "off". Listen to your body. I cannot stress enough the importance of our men and taking good care of your bodies. The mind will dictate the outcome of your body and its health. If you think, "Let me get myself together", and really look at ways to rejuvenate and heal your body, you will see a change.

If you resonate with this article, try natural remedies that will not only detoxify your body but also help address the imbalance you feel. Look at what you eat, how and when you sleep, and your daily regimens. Here is this week's smoothie for "balance".

1/4 Small Beet

10 Seedless Red Grapes

2 Small Broccoli Florets

15 Blueberries

1/ cup of Pumpkin Seeds

1 tbsp of Olive Oil

Water to the Max Line

Blend Until Smooth...Enjoy!

Compliments of NutraBullet Recipes for Health in Men

Photo by Luis Araujo from Pexels

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