MEN'S HEALTH MONTH Feature: Motivated Fitness Apparel

Understanding Your True Potential - An Interview with Founder, Ahmed "POWA" Lewis, Jr.

Great ideas are birthed from trials and tribulations. The Pandemic birthed so many side hustles and new businesses that if you don't have something going on, you must be stuck in the "dark ages."

Meet Ahmed "POWA" Lewis, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA. Founder and Owner of Motivated, LLC. Known in the Entertainment Industry as "POWA", Lewis has a lighting and sound company, POWA Productions, that caters to nightclubs, concert venues, and event halls.

"When the Pandemic hit, all events were shut down completely! No one wanted to risk their lives to throw a party... I had to come up with something to keep the cash flowing and my mind occupied. Depression hit so many people, and I was determined to get up!" says Lewis. He successfully launched the Motivated clothing line under an LLC. and got started. Lewis is also an avid fitness lover who has trained in several martial arts techniques and is striving to become a household name in bodybuilding and Personal Training.

What is the Motivated, LLC. slogan?

Lewis: Understanding your True Potential, that is the slogan of Motivated, LLC. In a world with so much discrimination, anger, and destructive behavior, I wanted to motivate people in every aspect of their lives.

What do you carry within the clothing line?

Lewis: The main attraction are the sweatsuits. They are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and can be worn in any season. You can wear them to the gym or after a good workout. You can wear them anywhere. They come in an array of colors and sizes, and yes, they look good. No matter your body type, you will feel good and look good. I have hats that most men really appreciate, along with electronic items such as Bluetooth speakers and five types of Bluetooth earpieces and headphones. The brand is growing, and people are buying.

You have a fitness background. What advice would you give this month, being Men's Health Month?

Lewis: To anyone with fitness goals, body goals, or health goals, here is some advice. Be true to yourself and remain confident no matter what! Motivation comes from within. Motivation is a place that has to be protected at all costs. Motivation should never be affected by external sources. External sources are called "haters." Whether it's the media, society, or even your next-door neighbor! Let them hate. Time is too short, and we need to live life to the fullest...fully motivated and fully focused on our goals, dreams, ambitions.

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