National Wellness Month Feature: Your Life Coach, Jose Ferrer

What's up! This is your Life Coach, Jose Ferrer, giving advice, knowledge, and information. As always, feel free to hit me up via email ( or on Instagram @JoseFerrer875, should you have any questions or need advice. I will answer all questions.

Question: "I am living healthy with a very common STD. I am interested in a woman at work, however, I don't want to expose myself and my business to her and it doesn't work out. What do you suggest I do? Date her or no?"

Answer: Venturing out to date a co-worker is always risky. You have to be a certain kind of way at the office and be sure to keep your private life separate. Yeah, it'll be hard sometimes but for the sake of your job and your money, you will have to keep it together. Now, in the case of your personal health issue, it is just that. Your personal health issue. If things don't work out and word gets out, just know your rights on the job. Just take it slow, and let trust build on a platonic level...first. You will know when the time is right. When you do, be sure to let her know that you are a safe person and would never do anything to jeopardize the health of anyone. When revealing ANY personal information, it is ALWAYS risky no matter what. Taking your time will help you see clearer before taking any chance in the matters of the heart.

Question: "My partner and I recently got married and made it official. Now that we are married, our sex life is not what it used to be. It is so early in the marriage, but I am thinking that if things don't change, I may need to end this before it gets messy. I have a high sex drive and I don't want to step out on my marriage, but the thought is tempting. Instead of having sex, I have been heavily masturbating, even in front of my partner. My partner just complains about how they have to get up in the morning and places all of their energy and focus on their job. I have had enough."

Answer: Truth be told, they say that the first 5 years of marriage are the hardest. Marriage, in my opinion, is a totally different animal. Unlike dating, marriage is a commitment that is not that easy to walk away from. The fact that you are feeling like this in the early stages of marriage is not uncommon. However, your partner should find some type of balance even in the midst of a heavy work load. Sounds like they have a lot on their shoulders. Maybe talk to them about their day; see what's going on and be a confidant. The more they talk, the better chance of them actually releasing and relaxing. As they talk, massage their shoulders or their feet. Listen to them. Help them by telling them not to stress. Tell them you miss them. Don't argue. Don't start a fight. Create a relaxing mood when they come home. If things persist, seek help from a Counselor. Give it a good try first before giving up. Obviously you love them and a part of you wants this to work.

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