NET GAINS: Black Male Athletes Breaking Barriers in Lofty Sport Careers (2 of 2)

Continuing the conversation about African American men excelling in non-traditional sport careers and keeping a focus on Tennis to start – I got a chance to sit down with coach Malik Hall, of the Philadelphia Tennis Club, which holds the distinction of being the eldest privately owned Black Tennis club in the nation. The PTC along with connected groups like the American Tennis Association (ATA) is a member of the USTA with a mission to provide a vehicle through which Black Americans can participate and enjoy the game of tennis with their families without racial bias.

Coach Hall’s dedication and passion for the sport has been evident since he was a young child. Discovering his love for tennis as early as 6 years old, he developed his skills at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center, located in the East Falls area of North Philadelphia. That same facility was later renamed the Legacy Youth Tennis and Education center, where he previously held a position as a youth instructor. Coach Hall has been able to travel and cross paths with legends in the game including meeting thee Arthur Ashe himself and witnessing Venus and Serena Williams at the beginning stages of their careers. He is a proud HBCU graduate, held a full scholarship to play tennis and later worked as Assistant Coach for the same program that put him thru Bethune Cookman College.

After working in many Greater Philadelphia area private schools, Coach Hall has branched off into his own private practice, partnering with the PTC and the Lockdown Tennis Facility both #BlackOwned and located in the Germantown section of North Philadelphia.

Take a Quick Sip and tap in below on the conversation held with Coach Hall about his journey, the state of the sport as it relates to COVID19, and his plans for the future!

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