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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

A Black Man's body is indeed his temple, but encompasses more than just his physique. It is impossible to talk about the body without covering important factors that attribute to true, no BS, good health - such as the importance of a stable mind, rejuvenated body and an energized spirit.

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"Should I be worried about Colon Health?"

Reflecting on the Life of Chadwick Boseman

Since the passing of the young, gifted and black Chadwick Boseman, every black man, woman and child should have looked at their eating habits, health issues and life - seriously. At the young age of 43, Chadwick Boseman, an icon in Hollywood and beyond, departed from this life after secretly battling Colon Cancer for 4 years. Colon Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the Black Community and often goes undetected.

Many have reported that the Black Community has two X's against them when it comes to Colon Cancer. One, the access to care is not readily available to most minorities. Two, once diagnosed, many are at later stages in the cancer and refuse treatments and surgeries. According to Insider.com, "A large study found Black Americans are more likely to die from colorectal cancer because they are less likely to get life-saving treatments."

No one wants to think about Cancer and no one wants to be sick. This statement is true, however, in our community, some have a tendency to overlook issues that could possibly kill. The importance of listening to our "gut" is something we all need to do more of. Emotions are housed in our gut. That means disappointments, failures, depressions, anxieties, pressures. All of that and then some can take up residence in the gut of a man, a woman or even a child.

This year alone could be enough to make any man sick with gut issues. From the Pandemic to the unlawful killing of George Floyd; From the Black Lives Matter Movement to blatant Police brutality at its worst; to job loss, wages cut, and the uncertainty of an entire nation in the hands of a political battle; the year 2020 has certainly been a hurt piece on so many levels. Black Men have a tendency to keep their emotions bottled up inside of them, not willing to address them and often functioning as if nothing bothers them. They may do this for the protection of self; their families or loved ones; or to not show the world their hurt, anger or frustration. Emotions, environment, and situations often lead to common gastrointestinal and colon issues, that if left unaddressed can potentially cause serious complications in one's health.

So how do you know that you have a potential problem?

It is so important to get regular check ups. Even if you choose an alternative route with medicines and herbs, getting a professional opinion is very important to know where you stand in regards to your health. To get a clean bill of health does something for you and should get you more in gear to take better care of yourself. If your bill of health isn't the best, then guess what...now you know how to go about change in your life.

According to ShareCare.com, There are different symptoms that are warning signs of colon problems. These warning signs can include blood or mucus in the stool or from the anus, a recent change in bowel habits (such as developing diarrhea or constipation), pain in the abdomen or rectum, fatigue, or unexplained weight loss.

If you have these symptoms, please do not wait. Go and get examined. It is better to tackle a problem and find a solution than to ignore and face consequences.

What can I do to better my Colon Health?

What we put in our bodies is very important. How we eat, how much water we drink, and our lifestyle is very important. To better your colon health, which ultimately is your digestive health, here are a few tips to keep you on the right track.

1. Eat a high-fiber diet with lots of raw vegetables.

2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

3. Avoid eating too much red meat and processed meats, as these are linked to colon cancer and other diseases.

4. Consider taking daily probiotics to create a more diverse bacterial environment in your colon.

5. Rest....well. Get enough hours of sleep and make sure that you are resting well. Lack of sleep will eventually take a toll on your body.

Something to Think About

You must look at health as your investment. You must look at your life as an investment. If you do, you will always look to see what is going on and make things better. I understand. You get busy. If the Pandemic hadn't taught us anything, it should've taught us that life is short and not guaranteed. With that fact, let's treat our bodies with care and respect. Work hard and live well.

One thing that Chadwick Boseman taught us was to actually know your status - but in knowing your status, you don't have to stop living. He knew his status with cancer and decided to not only get treatment but to live his life to the fullest. He will forever be a warrior in our eyes for his stamina, resilience and ability to push through obstacles. If he were to come back to this life and speak to our community, he would definitely stress "care".

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